When you purchase a truck from Acela, you have invested in the most reliable trucks available on the market. You deserve the same reliability from your after-sales support team. Our goal is always to exceed the expectation of our customers, that’s why we have developed the AcelaCare After Sales Customer Support™.

The AcelaCare After Sales Support program is committed to maximizing the productivity of every truck in your fleet by offering 24/7 maintenance support and next day delivery on virtually every part. Our AcelaCare program is designed to keep productivity high and costs low.

Acela Truck Company has partnered with some of the largest automotive and defense companies in the world to ensure our customers have the right parts at the right time.


We stand by every truck that rolls off our production line

All Monterras come with a one year limited warranty to ensure our customers that we stand behind every truck that rolls off our production line. 

Warranty Coverage:


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