The Civilian Access Stair Platform Extension Rig (CASPER) is a military-grade all-steel platform with an integrated retractable staircase designed to greatly improve the safety and speed of loading and unloading civilians (or civilian firefighters) into and out of NationalGuard MTV/LMTV cargo trucks while deployed on domestic response activations such as flood rescue, wildland fire support, law enforcement/security details, etc. CASPER “drops” onto and can be removed from the bed of  FMTV in less than four minutes with minimal training and no modifications required to the vehicle.

Features of the CASPER from ACELA

Key Specifications

  • Gives Our Warfighters the Right Tools For the Right Job for Civilian Deployments
  • Lowers the Entry Level Bed Height from 63-inches to 14-inches
  • Significantly Improves Safety and Speed of Ingress/Egress for Civilians, Firefighters and Troops
  • NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Compatible with all A0, A1, A1R, A1P2 and A2 LMTV/MTV Cargo Variants (M1078, M1081, M1083, M1085, M1093)
  • Installs in Minutes with Standard Armory/Depot Forklift
  • Load and Unload Passengers by Ground-Level Safety Stairs or to/from Boats or Loading Docks
  • Integrated Heavy-Duty Retracting Stairs with Safety Handrails
  • Heavy-Duty Safety Landing
  • Safety Rails for Improved Passenger Safety
  • OSHA-Compliant System
  • Integrated Seating for one (1) Additional Passenger
  • Rear DOT-Compliant LED Stop/Turn/Tail/Clearance/Marker Lighting
  • High Visibility Reflective Conspicuity Markings for Improved Visibility and Enhanced Safety
  • Rear and Side Amber Flashing Warning Lights for Improved Visibility and Enhanced Safety
  • LED Scene Safety Lighting Illuminates Bed and Platform
  • Powered from Standard Vehicle Trailer Connector
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Construction - Will Provide Decades of Service Without Corrosion
  • Stows Outdoors in 4-Foot x 8-Foot Space, All Electrical Components are Protected


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