October 24, 2018

Fulshear Simonton (TX) Fire Department takes delivery of High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks from Acela Truck Company

FULSHEAR, Texas — The Fulshear-Simonton Fire Department has taken delivery of two purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks from Acela Truck Company.

With 47-inch tires, 23 inches of ground clearance, all-wheel-drive drivetrains, waterproof alternators and starters and deep-water fording kits, the Acela Monterra-based specialized flood rescue trucks are capable of navigating a whopping 50 inches of water while safely carrying up to 17 seated passengers with ample room and payload for pets, personal property or rescue gear.  One of the two trucks is additionally equipped with a heavy-duty “V-plow” for clearing emergency access roadways by pushing downed trees and debris after major hurricanes, wind events, storm surges, etc

“As flooding becomes more and more prevalent in our area, we knew we needed trucks that were truly purpose-built for the response mission. The Acela High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks fit our criteria for ensuring the safety of our community in times of need,” says Fire Chief Gilbert “Herc” Meier Jr., “Simply put, these trucks can go where no others can during flooding events and will significantly enhance our response capabilities, particularly during flooding events.

Both High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks will be outfitted in the future to do year-round double duty as brush/wildland trucks and can be quickly and easily adapted for other departmental operational or logistical needs as required.

For more information about Fulshear-Simonton Fire Department, please visit their website at

Download the High Water/Flood Rescue Truck Brochure here.


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