April 26, 2018

Ontario Trucking News - Acela Truck Builder Fills Niche For Severe Duty Trucks

Calgary recently hosted the Global Petroleum Show at Stampede Park, attracting thousands of spectators, professionals, delegates, and exhibitors from 110 countries. Calgary is widely considered to be the Canadian hub of expertise in the energy sector, and companies here proudly displayed their latest advancements in technology and equipment.

Among those in the running for product excellence was the Acela Truck Company, producer of extreme-duty 4x4 and 6x6 trucks. Acela was on hand to launch the company's Monterra truck line, the company's model of trucks noted for their ability to withstand the rigours of punishing work environments. The company, in fact, was established to meet the needs of the oil industry as stakeholders complained about the lack of appropriate vehicles for medium-duty applications capable of handling extreme conditions, noted Acela president, David Ronsen. "There isn't a truck that can handle the rugged environments of the Canadian Oil Sands, pipeline construction or off-highway exploration with a long life cycle and a cost-effective price point. So we came on board to fill that niche and help our customers improve productivity while cutting their capital costs with the most capable truck chassis they've ever had," he said.  



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