April 26, 2018

Work Truck Magazine - Acela's New Extreme-Duty Truck Chassis

Trucks with a history in some of the harshest war zones are a perfect fit for extreme work environments, such as oil, mining, and construction.

Walking up to one of Acela Truck Company’s new Monterrarucks is similar to an optical illusion. What looks like a typical cabover from a distance grows to the size of a family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV) military truck. A full rebuild, brand-new paint job, and an abundance of comfort and technical upgrades brings a barely used truck a second life.

Headquartered in Belgrade, Mont., with a view of the Rocky Mountains and easy access to the roads of Yellow-stone to the south and the Canadian oil sands to the north, Acela is the new automaker on the scene for extreme-duty, high-mobility commercial trucks.



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