Inspection + Evaluation

We start by diagnosing every system and component on the vehicle for any issues through an exhaustive 300-point inspection process...


During the tear-down process, trucks are disassembled for complete overhaul. The cab and almost all frame-mounted parts are removed, inspected and carefully cataloged and stored...

Paint and Body Process

As part of our standard reset process, each cab is completely dismantled. All seals, glass, doors, door components, interior components and electrical harnesses are removed...


Once each department has refurbished all components, all hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, knobs, switches and gauges are replaced with new parts.

Performance Testing

Quality control during the entire Certified Reset Process is paramount, and after complete re-assembly the reset trucks are put through a battery of quality assurance tests...

Final Evaluation

Your satisfaction is always our number one priority, that’s why your team is key to the final step. You and your truck operators are the final step in the resetting process...


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